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Zolpidem has a potential for either medical misuse when the drug is continued long term without or contrary to medical advice, or psychiatric usage when the drug is taken to achieve a"high" [ Data from the"Centre for evaluation and information on pharmacodependence" along with also the 53 literature case reports highlights significant dependence and abuse potential of zolpidem 
We now present a case of person in.
Some authors [ identify 4 factors associated with increased probability of zolpidem-associated reactions that are delirious or psychotic  click here to buy Overnight Delivery .  

Zolpidem is a drug indicated for its treatment of sleeplessness.  Side effects are not rare with zolpidem.  Herein we describe an undercover person with no known mood disorder upon taking zolpidem or disorder who tried suicide.  There are two details concerning this case the patient had not history of thinking or suicide attempt.  Secondly, this case had experienced suicide ideation after taking 20 mg of zolpidem, indicating a correlation between zolpidem psychological effects and psychological behaviours.

Case presentation
Details: Zolpidem, Suicide effort, InsomniaVisit:Wallpaper 
It appears the patient attempted suicide when he was under influence of the CNS effects of zolpidem.  It might be a higher risk of attempting suicide when zolpidem is, taken by people with no preceding choice for suicide.
Back in 1996 a 68-year-old female ingested at least 30 pills of 10 mg Ambien® was found dead in home.   A study from 1999 on 8 postmortem instances, reported 5 cases of deaths after zolpidem intoxication.  In 1999 Gock SB et al. report, the Reason for death for 2 cases was determined to become zolpidem overdose, and way of death was suicide 

The unwanted side effects of taking zolpidem, as reported by him were nausea, vomiting, insomnia, migraines, nausea and hangover the following day, headache (very common), right side abdominal pain the next day, visual hallucination, higher body temperature, talkativeness, oily hair loss, lack of hands on his speech as telling private secrets to others, feeling a sour flavor in spit, change of skin color and the odor of body sweat.

There are a few reports of attempts by zolpidem, but to the best of our knowledge, this is the first recorded case of zolpidem-induced suicide effort by zolpidem.
A male, university student, unmarried, dormitory resident with no known mood illness or disorder and sleep behaviours, had self-referred to a toxicologist because of a new experience with zolpidem abuse.  He was liberated except for to maximum of 15 mg throughout the previous year and had no history of suicidal behaviors or health compromising.
In May 2013 he announced he had no addiction to zolpidem.  Despite his usage for months, he wouldn't be addicted to zolpidem and believed he wasn't.  He applied it as a sleeping drug at first but after a while, he became curious about the pleasant experiences of taking zolpidem more than its sleeping effect independently.  The cause for his abuse of zolpidem, as he stated, was pressure of ideas which got acute in the nights and his emotional position.  He described his condition by this sentence:"I wanted to forget everything".  Gradually zolpidem could not cause him to sleep anymore but resulted in spending his time doing his things such as watching a film, web browsing listening to music or chatting with friends.

1 night, with a desire for zolpidem, following a rush of ideas that were annoying, he took two tablets of zolpidem.  The following day he awakened in sentiency at 8'o clock in the morning, thought a little to keep in mind the events of the night, and memorized carrying two pills of zolpidem.  After a couple of minutes he noticed that the blister of zolpidem by his bed side and found that 6 of pills are taken, while he was sure that it was a complete blister and he'd taken two of them last night.  He tried his best to remember exactly that what has been happened last night and the only outcome was suicidal ideas by zolpidem; After taking 20 milligrams of Zolpidem at first and beginning the consequence of the used zolpidem in a couple of minutes, he considered taking 4 additional pills in order to suicide and did not recall the later.
Zolpidem is an agent indicated for its short term treatment of insomnia].  It has gained popularity as an alternative to benzodiazepine for the treatment of insomnia due to its milder and less problematic side effectsNevertheless, side effects aren't rare with zolpidem.  Hajak and Babdelow in 1998 analyzed 16,944 cases of zolpidem use and reported adverse events in 1.1% of the situations.  The most common reported side effects were nausea, dizziness, malaise, hallucination, nightmares, agitation, and headach Although zolpidem appears to be more well-tolerated in adults and in the elderly, even when administered in accordance with prescribing instructions  there are case reports of abuse, dependence, withdrawal syndrome and acute and various adverse effects].  However the suggested dose of zolpidem was exceeded and patients had a history of chemical abuse or a disease ].   Reported that the cases of 2 patients who developed amnesia and visual hallucinations following the consumption of zolpidem.  Iruela et al. [ reported a case of a patient presenting macropsia with no amnesia.  Hence, the amount of accounts of neuropsychiatric responses has increased, indicating that zolpidem should not be considered risk free, even in therapeutic doses, also may create behavioral and cognitive impairments similar to those

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